BriabaBoodu's DH26 at the DL Station, problems downloading main file and engine spec

Hi all. Is anyone else having problems to download those two parts of the DH26?
It states it cannot find the CDP of either of these two files when I try dl it from Trainz2019.

Any clues as to why????

It is a cane loco so I have to have it :) :)
I have the loco, but I am missing one piece, <kuid:458306:1004> That I have never found, (enginesound, can probably be substituted). There are also two packaged assets,
<kuid2:524343:6048:1> Light_corona 05 orange
<kuid2:60850:89100:13> ACSlib
When I list dependents for these I get a very long list of assets that use them
<kuid:458306:1004> is engine sound for polish PKP class Lyd1 loco, it is available in the packs of author's assets on forum
I too am looking for this missing asset. I tried looking at the site and cant seem to locate the packs you mention. What should I be looking for in particular? Thanks
Thanks JAGG but I don't see anything by that name when I search. Do you happen to have the url for that thread? Thanks