BNSF Shotz


Canadian National
Let's see some of Franks new BNSF C44-9W's put to work

Well today we took a ride out to a place where we heard there were going to be some new BNSF units running on the line....When we got there....Sure enough...Here was some new BNSF C44-9W's on the point of a loaded auto train....It looked like some bad weather was in store for todays crew....There are already storm warnings out and the rolls of thunder can be heard off in the distance echoing off the mountains....

We caught him here doing a crew change

When the fresh new crew came on board we caught him passing the lil switcher on display

Then on past the Whitefish depot

And the last one was shot from the side walk of the depot

A Canadian Transit train is lead by BNSF power. Quite rare! The symbol is CTBVBW. This also has 2 geometry cars in tow!