Blender 3.0 export help needed


I have been playing with Blender for a couple of weeks and I can make models and texture them also. The problem I have is exporting. I have download the blenderimexporter-main zip file, mazeportersts12 zip file and trainziporterTS12 zip file. Went to install in Blender and the only thing that works is it will allow me export im files. Trainz help files says to import the im file into trains but does not explain how that is done. I tried Content Manager but it is looking for cdp files.
I know I missing something probably very easy. I have looked at so many utube videos but nothing has helped.
Any help would be appreciated.
Yes I can also export with .fbx but don't know what to do with fbx or im files. If I export im files the texture txt file come with it. fbx files do not export texture. Neither one have a config file.
Yes I can also export with .fbx but don't know what to do with fbx or im files. If I export im files the texture txt file come with it. fbx files do not export texture. Neither one have a config file.

The original Blender addon created XML files that were used by N3V's TrainzMeshImporter to create IM files. The addon broke with Blender 2.8 and hasn't been repaired. If you want to stay with IM then try Riley's IM exporter. See I don't know if it creates texture.txt files but you can always make your own. See the Trainz WiKi for instructions.

You can use FBX format which is now N3V's preferred format. See that explains how to import into Trainz. That tutorial is for Blender 2.8 but will be updated when I can find the time.

Committing an asset with FBX will create texture.txt files based on what it finds in the source data but I always create my own.

There is a small but confusing problem with FBX and config files. A config file will identify meshes as "something.trainzmesh" but the FBX file would be "something.fbx". So, if you have a mesh exported as "house.fbx" then the config would need "house.trainzmesh".

Paul I tried that tutorial using fbx files what I do not understand is how to import into trainz when all I have is a fbx file.
Towards the top of the article there is a link to the project files that includes a config.txt. That should help.
BTW, the tutorial doesn't cover using the older Trainz materials. Maybe I should add a different tutorial for that because I know that some are not comfortable with PBR materials. Writing a tutorial for creating Trainz PBR materials is a bit difficult since there are many ways to do it.
Importing Filmbox (.fbx) files into Trainz

Once you have your albedo, normal and parameters files, you need to link them to your model. I’ll use the default cube to illustrate. I’ll also use the roughness file instead of creating the full parameters file.

Set up a node tree as shown and add the albedo (1), parameters/roughness (2) and normal (3) files. Note do not change the file names after they have been added. Also do not change any of the parameters in the Principled BSDF Shader node or the Normal Map node, as they will not be saved. This step merely links the textures to the model (Cube).


Export the Fimbox (.fbx) file (File Menu > Export > FBX (.fbx) (1). Set the parameters for export (2).


Open Trainz and create a new asset. Import the three texture files and the .fbx file (1). You will also need a 240 px x 180 px image thumbnail file (2).


Open the config.txt file and enter the following text. This is the minimal setup. Note that you need to name your file (1), add the name of your .fbx file to the mesh table (2) and the name of your thumbnail file (3). Save these changes and submit your edits.


Note that the .texture.txt and the cube01.trainzmesh files will be created when you submit (commit) the edits. You can at this point delete the .fbx file. Although most creator allow you to use there creations as you would like except to sell them, they usually remove the .fbx file so that modifying then is limited to re-skinning. Such a shame! Makes reverse engineering impossible even though this is the one of the best methods you can use to learn how to model Trainz assets.


For a more detailed description on importing .fbx files into Trainz with accompanying files see:

Thanks so much for this. I was able to create the box in the tutorial. I guess the only issue I have now is how to create the a albedo, parameters/roughness and normal files. Is this the hard part?
! <kuid:490249:100277> : TrainzAssetAccessorCached::OpenAssetFileForReading> missing file: config.chump
; <NULL> : blend3_pbr.fbx
! <kuid:490249:100277> : Warn, T12436: FBX-DOM (TOK_KEY, offset 0x3d45) shading mode not recognized: Phong
; <kuid:490249:100277> : VE247: Creating default texture.txt file: diffuse.texture.txt
- <kuid:490249:100277> : VE252: Mesh material expected data for texture slot 'normal' of material 'material.m.pbrmetal' but none found.
- <kuid:490249:100277> : VE182: Material 'material.m.pbrmetal' in mesh 'blend3_pbr.fbx' is missing a texture for mandatory texture slot 'normal'.
; <kuid:490249:100277> : VE247: Creating default texture.txt file: parameter.texture.txt

could someone shine some light on this report please.
I think I have followed the article to the letter - but you never know....
Help needed for the dimensions of the addon

Guys I wanted a help regarding the dimension of the addon, so can anybody tell me that how can we first adjust our addon's size before exporting it to trainz? So that the addon don't look very small or very big??(which will then obviously look awkward)