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This unassuming URL brings up an awesome set of photographs and bits of history of the Anthracite railroads in eastern Pennsylvania. Frank Bartus (fabartus) and I traveled to this region in August 2013 and took photographs not knowing the importance it was and still is for the Anthracite industry history. He and I are still pouring over maps, photographs, history links, and much more information than anyone could imagine is out there. The more we dig, the more we find, and this website is one of the many links he found.

This area was covered by railroad lines that were owned by the famous companies such as the Pennsylvania, Reading, Lehigh Valley, Lehigh & Hudson River, Susquehanna, Lehigh and New England, Erie, Delaware Lackawanna and Western, Delaware and Hudson, and even the New York Ontario and Western.

Today, the industry is a mere shadow of what it once was and many of these railroads are gone either through attrition, or through their demise and inclusion into Conrail. Today, after the Conrail split up, the Norfolk Southern, Reading Blue Mountain and Northern, D&H, and a few short lines now run the rail operations in the region. Their active lines pale what was once here.

Thanks John and Frank; Very interesting and nice photos of great and small steam locos. Even some photos of early diesel locos...much prettier than what we have today!

I agree, Rick.

The companies really took pride in the appearance of their locomotives and trains. The shear number of them was amazing.

Only to go back in time and see this stuff in operation!