Birdsong is driving me crazy


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I've created a forest and its full of VERY noisy birds !. :'(
ive been using JVC RM set of trees , which i am sure doesn't have lots of birds singing, as i've used it before. I have searched for bird sounds related to trainz and reduced the volume on every one of these files to almost zero in an audio editing program , no change, i've rebuilt the database several times in case changes I made were not taking effect. i have searched in the dependencies folder related to the route to see if any of the files with the bird noises reside in the route, no dice.
Ive tried removing large swaths of trees and also made a test route which contains the same assets, no noise at all in there . i've looked to see if i have accidentally inserted a sound file that i was unaware of, nothing i can see . I have not been so irritated since i was using the Rollins pass route and there was a bear and wolf nose in the middle of the forest , it took about two hours to find the animals buried amongst many trees , but i did it and its blissfully noise free , I this case i am stumped ( and no, the noses do not seem related to the stump splines i am using either )

I have tried all the possible bird related searches i can think of so i can try to rid myself of these pesky feathery noise mongers , all to no avail. other than turning off the sound completely , i cannot see any solution.
does anyone else have any suggestions ?
BTW using TS12 on a mac,
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