It's off line, but it does does the same in game and out. If I just let it sit there showing "the desk top", I guess that's what you call it, it will do the same, going black, coming back on, .....

Very frustrating!


Hi Rick

Check your cable from the monitor to your video card. It sounds like it has somehow disconnected. If it's not that then the monitor its self may have died, but my warm and fuzzy insides tell me it's the cable. :D

It's hot here today. Temps up to the low 30s! This instant heat is awful!

Either the lead is loose or got an intermittent break in it somewhere, or the backlight is on the way out or a common fault with flat screen monitors is a dry joint on a capacitor, forget which one but it's related to the supply to the backlight, my eyesight isn't good enough to repair the things these days so I'm a bit rusty!
Hi Malc, yes, was just reading that mumble jumble on line! It SOUNDS like a capacitor or the backlight. To bad about your eyesight (sounds like me), I was going to send it over to you for repairs! I think I read to get the backlight fixed was expensive and you might as well buy a new one. I'm not sticking my fingers in there! Somewhere during my long non technical life I heard these capacitors could still give you a little jolt long after the item had been unplugged.

Thank you Malc. I restrained myself from running out for a new one. Tomorrow, though, I'm going to have a look at a new monitor or order that one I mentioned up at the beginning. I don't get to the electronics store often. It's a good thing, I always find something expensive that I don't really need!

Cheers ... Rick

That's too bad...

The reason they're so expensive to repair is because they give the displays to people like us who can't see to do the repairs and it takes forever to solder those parts back in. :)

I understand on both accounts... my eyes are terrible too, and I used to fix CRT displays for a living. I've been zapped a few times, which might explain my eccentricities today. There were some capacitors on one unit that were the size of Foster's beer cans, and had a bleeder resistor to place across the leads if the component had to be stored!

Samsung makes a nice 27-inch display. I paid about $450 about 3 years ago, but I'm sure they're a lot less. I can't tell you which model because I'm not at my desk and using my laptop...

My two LCDs are:

SyncMaster 226BW --- 23 inch display about 6 years old now.

Main display:

SyncMaster SA550

This is a really nice display that's both 1080p and has the ability to detect when you walk over to your PC, most of the time, to turn the display back on from energy saver. This works well now that this feature is built right into Windows 10 (beta), but was a hit or miss with Windows 7 and Windows 8.x.

The newer bigger displays, those 4K jobbies require special drivers and a video card to support it. You think the fonts are small now.... :)

It might be whatever to cause the problems. And me and my wide family are satisfied users of several BenQ PC monitors during the years.