Back at it again - What has changed?


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Hello everyone! I bought this game (Train 12) when it was new, and struggled with it because my previous computer was ancient. Now several years later I have installed it again with a much better computer running the game quite well. I have been reinstalling the patches (which ones do I really need??) But as I try to download content again (soo line rs32 for example) I cant get the download station to work. If I add something to the download cart it usually says "invalid"- this also appears to be a much different download station then before. Also, in the content manager I keep getting the error at the bottom "Unable to contact planet Auran, please check your internet connection and firewall setting". Is there some new change to the process? Does this still work? Can I even still make updates and add content to the game anymore?

I used to create my own layouts and now I can't even remember how to get things to work. If someone could catch me up on the last few years that would be great. I keep going through the forum but see lots of outdated info and references to Trainz 10. I have currently patched up to Build 49922. Been able to run the standard game ok now so far, only played with it for about 20 minute since the last patch installed.
Hi Brandon,

The first big thing you need to decide if will you want to stick with 49922 or upgrade to SP1. This debate has been done to death and doesn't need to be continued here, so just do a quick search on the forums.

Main features of SP1:

New DLC system with DRM
Stricter error-checking
Access to assets build 3.7 and above
Access to some newer payware content
Performance optimisations
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