auto renewal of Trainz plus


since 10 Aug 2002
An unannounced charge recently appeared on my credit card statement that purported to come from Trainz. After contacting the helpdesk, they were able to confirm that it was a legitimate charge and that it was for the renewal of my Trianz Plus membership.

Too bad they didn't send a reminder like many other organizations do since one year after first signing, I had forgotten the date. Have since added it to my calendar with an auto reminder set.

So if you have any recurring automatic payments, save yourself some worry and add it to your calendars with a reminder about 4 weeks before the due date
Agreed. The major problem I have with the auto renewal payments is that they are in $US so I cannot transfer a specific amount (in $AU) to my debit account on the specific date the payment is due because the exact amount will vary due to currency fluctuations. I have to wait until the payment appears as a debit and then transfer the funds across. Annoyingly, my bank also charges me a foreign currency transfer fee.
Annoyingly, my bank also charges me a foreign currency transfer fee.

Agreed. There is no Earthly reason for this, other than "we can do it to you." The charge/payment arrives/departs as 1' and 0s - and departs/arrives the same way. Take less than a half-second, yet they charge a huge amount simply for providing the path for the little bits/bytes to travel, untouched by human hands.

I knew the charge was coming up "soon" and was still surprised by it hitting my bank account. A common courtesy advance email would be a nice thing but unfortunately as we know communications is not a high point of N3V.