Auto click mouse


Slave to my route
Hello all, now that I've just got a 500GB SSD from Mrs. T1O for Valentines, I can't believe the difference it has made in both the computer performance and TANE. Now that work can resume on my large route I find I'd like another piece of hardware, an auto/multi click mouse.

The way I like to build my route is to cover portions of track using the cut and paste tool then remove the trees with 100's of clicks of the mouse. Do you know of a mouse that has an extra button that can produce rapid mouse clicks to help clear the track? My poor index finger is getting a cramp :hehe:.

I use a free auto-click process in Trainz, which has worked for years.

- Create a selection box under the tools.
- Uncheck terrain, splines, and textures, but leave objects selected.
- Chose the paste option.

- Paste the selection box over the area where you want to remove assets.

Anything within the bounds of the box is gone.

It saves a ton of clicking when it comes to removing lots and lots of trees. :)

The only wish is a shapeable area though since dealing with a square or rectangle is awkward.