Attn Boat: Is their a limit of ATLS traffic lights (not active) that can be used?


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Boat, is their a limit of the amount of ATLS traffic lights (ATLS lights) that can be used, and that are just for display only (not active) in each route?

Reason is I was installing these lights in a map, and for some reason, the game closed down, not once, but twice on me.
Not sure why you would want them inactive as they would serve no purpose (the script might be looking for the controller). If you just want the lights for decoration, use a channel like 99 and set up your controller on same channel. This would allow the lights to function but not have the stoppers to control the traffic. You can have any number of lights on the same channel as I have done this with about 20 cross road junctions all on one channel in various locations.
Game freezes and crashes can be caused by lots of things. I've never had that issue with Boat's assets, though I have not put all of them (There are quite a few of them) through that particular stress test.

Can you empirically narrow the crashes down to those specific assets? And if so what's their KUID's? With those perhaps someone more knowledgeable in scripting can perhaps shed some light on it. Personally the only scripting I've had crash my games have been certain "Distance" type signals when not set up correctly.

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Hi Red,

As far as I am aware, there is no limit to the number of ATLS lights on a map other than the power of your machine. (Either switched on or inactive)

The USA versions alias another asset but even so, there should be no limit.