Assets Remaining to Validate


Crabby Old Geezer
Right in the middle of working on some stuff for Trainz, my Content Manager decides to do this:

Dad Gummit... I can't do anything until it finishes. Sometimes I feel like this game isn't worth it.

I'm an unhappy camper.:(
Yup... Had a bunch of those too. There was some updating of some built-in assets so that's probably what caused this. It was the same number, amazingly...

You guys were lucky! Mine did 4400 assets Sunday night and then again Monday morning! Took 90 minutes each time to finish! :'(

My TS12 did a Database Update yesterday evening, but only listed 288868 assets instead of the usual 345000+/- or so. Any idea why that was??
This is why I dumped TS12 SP1 and rarely use TS12. Every time I wanted to run the game I had to sit and wait for validation after validation. Also in the middle of doing something it would start validating. In CM evry time a search was started it would validate.