Asset not showing up in Surveyor


Hi all

This problem is with more than one asset, but I will highlight only one.

Using TS12 61388

Before I downloaded this asset I checked to make sure all the dependencies were there and no faults registered.
I went to open it up in Surveyor and it would not show, only the directional arrows and engine sound came on.
I then checked the config file and saw that the build number was out of date. Opened up AssetX and updated the version
with the same result.

Great Link F7B
Version 1.4
Build 1.5
J Corke is the author.

I also noticed that this is a Paint Shed re-skin. Does that make a difference?

What is causing this issue and how do I fix it?

I have downloaded quite a few assets with this issue. All show no faults or missing dependencies.

Thank you
If it is a Paintshed Reskin, it is not worth a hill of beans ... You might have fun with it, but it needs real animated trucks to look right.

Updating the config file trainzbuild line tag to be your higher trainz-build, will only make sure that the asset has serious errors, so that it will never show up in 09, 10, 12 and T:ANE
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What is causing this issue and how do I fix it?

Put the build number back to what it's supposed to be.

There is nothing wrong with the asset itself, so the problem must be in a dependency. Perhaps one of the dependencies has been upgraded and the upgrade is faulty, or perhaps one of the dependencies needs to be upgraded. This is the list of dependencies actually used in a version of that asset that works OK in TS12 61388.

Gen1960 op1,<kuid:-25:63>

They are all built-in and must not be edited. f7b is an update of <kuid:-10:190>. If it has been updated again then that is the problem - remove the update.

If you have several assets with the same problem then a good place to look is a dependency that is common to all of them. Bogies are commonly a cause of this problem.
Thanks guys for the information. I will look at all of this and see if anything is missing.
Anyone else who may have an answer would also be appreciated.

Thank you