Article: First Class Tickets - Half Price for One Week Only!

My English i s bad and I still need need an answer?
Strange, because I actually gave you the answer right after your question already:
Without a FCT (First Class Ticket) you can only download 100mb of content from the DLS per day at a very slow speed (about 7kb/sec).
With a FCT there is no daily maximum and limited download speed.
Maybe you can make clear to us what part of that answer your do not understand?

Or would a copy-paste from Google Translate help?
oknotsen's answer put in Google Translate and turned into Swedish said:
Utan en FCT (First Class Ticket) kan du bara ladda ner 100 MB innehåll från DLS per dag vid en mycket låg hastighet (ca 7 kb / s).
Med en FCT det finns ingen daglig maximum och begränsad nedladdningshastighet .

DLC server does not

DLC server does not. Windows 10, Trainz 12, First Class Tickets YES
How to fix? Thank you.