Anyone got a copy of the UK signalling tutorial?


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Hi all,

lewisner mentioned last night that there was a basic UK Signalling tutorial on DLS...I've searched by "tutorial" and "introduction" and not come up with anything.

Does anyone either have a copy of this tutorial, or know it's proper title so I can find it?


if you search the forums for signal tutorial you will get a lot of posts

have a look at this site

and you should have Trainz docs:

It is a VERY complex subject, I would advise (unless to want total accuracy) is to place some relevant signals, just to give the flavour.

Here are some good tutorials for signalling and general Trains route building:
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"TheFlyingElf" I just found it again and its "Signal Guide (BR)" Kuid 71298:101330 Hope this helps and I"m off for a pint now..:cool: :p :D