Any good long route out there?

Here's some of my favorites:

Marias Pass Route X (HP-Trainz)
Clovis Sub 2.5 (Checkrail)
UMR2014 (DLS)
Hinton River Valley (search the Freeware Releases section a few pages back)
Mojave Sub (TS12 Built-in)
Quahog Sub (

If you need more info let me know.
You could always make one yourself either by building a long route, which would take a very, very long time, or put one together by merging other routes.
Don't you think that I did try to find it before I asked? And with an answer like that you won't win over many friends here on the forum. I understand that you're young but think before you post an answer. Oh yeah, thanks for all your help.
I haven't relessed the 600 mile extinction on DPV5.0 yet or plan on it, Dragons Pass V4.7 is non real route on DLS and not what the gentlemen is wanting. The current route is about 200 miles long. The extinction is on my website as a prototype.
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If you don't mind paying, for 19,95 euro (20-something USD), the Marias Pass Route X at is an amazing route. Very long, switching, industries, and a night mountainous mainline with mountains and difficult grades. I would highly recommend it. Took me about four hours to run end to end.

Although not long in miles (only 57), the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway takes a full 8 hours to go from one end to the other at line speeds. It has a few loops, lots of zig-zags, three big stations and a bunch of smaller ones. It is a steam line, and 2ft gauge. That might interest you.

This is not an American route, but is 102 miles long, with a 20 mile branch line - it is called "BR(W) main line updated TS12" and I use it on TS2 Mac. It is a british route, but is still very long and takes 2.5 hours to get from one side to another at 95/100 mph! It is made by DickTurpin.
I would like one where i can test long trains please

If you click on my sig below, you'll find several long routes for TS2010, and TS12, notably the WM & B&O Mega Route Native Mode, Cumberland to Connellsville Update, and Cumberland to Harpers Ferry routes.