Any browser still out there that will allow you to download using FTP???


Hi all,

Is there still any browser out there that will allow me to download from the DLS using FTP???


Cheers, Mac...
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Hi Mac,

You can use MS Edge.

Click on settings then go to Default browser.
Click on Allow to be able to reload pages in IE Mode.
Click on Add then copy and paste the URL for the White Pages DLS.

You'll have to reset the added page every 30-days.

The alternative is to right-click on the DLS button and open choose open in IE Mode.
Could these "other" browsers be collecting data for resale, place the user at even more risk?
I run Microsoft Edge. Go to settings (ALT+F), scroll down to "Reload in internet explorer mode", log in to the DLS, select item, select download details, select download FTP. Done, Les.