Antique Lionel Repairs


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Hi all.

I've been slowly uncovering many O gauge and tinplate rolling stock from my father and grandfather. I found a Lionel C&O 4-4-2 #8142 and the wheels like to come off of it since it has been in the attic for about ten years. I can tell it wants to run but the valve gear and loose wheels lock together and keep it from moving. How can I repair it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Post some photos of them here.

Most are probably worth very little, although others may be worth quite allot.

Some good hobby shops can rebuild them.
The 4-4-2 would cost more to fix than it can ever be worth. I have an old book that list it at $50 to $10 and a N&W J 4-8-4 at $225 max.
Let us know if you find a grey 700e. But in all seriousness just take it to your local hobby/train shop and somebody should be able to fix it for you.
It maybe worth getting them fixed even for sentimental reasons. Let us know how you make out with them.