Another tutorial site update - update your bookmarks...


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Moderators - if this is in the wrong place please put it in the right place please.

Hi Trainzers,

Can I ask those who currently have links to my site to update their bookmarks at the moment please.

This is due to a restructuring as well as a brand new site being created on the existing address.

The existing content is still available though, but it's currently at (which is the address in my signature).

My existing site over at is not affected by this at this stage although that may change once the new tutorial site (plus it's new microsites) are completed.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause although the new site once it's finished should be worth it.


EDIT: Just to let users know, my forum at is not affected by this change, and still functions normally.
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A further update.

After having a lot of problems getting a suitable CMS to run the new site, I'm now getting there with the help of XOOPS.

For those who want to see the site as it currently is, it's at

An important difference between this and my old sites is that it's now possible to register on the site and submit your own tutorials if you want to alongside the existing tutorials which I will be slowly adding to the site. Be aware though that I may need to approve the content before it's posted.

Thankyou Ish. At the moment the site seems to be misbehaving though so it may end up undergoing more changes.

At least my forum (as well as my two older tutorial sites) aren't affected.