ANL Challengers engine sound issue

I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue as me of the engine sound on the ANL made challengers being too fast for the corresponding speed of the locomotive? Almost as if the engine sound is being played 4 times per chuff and by the time your going 10-15 mph the engine sounds are playing so fast it just meshes together like most sounds do when you go 60 mph and above.

I've first started with replacing the stock engine sound but the replacement sound just did the same thing of playing 4 times more then usual, then in the configuration files they have a section for when the cylinders go forward and backward as well as a cylinder off one which all three make no sense to me. Then they two lines below that they have auxiliary steam number/phases/color.

Any idea what else is causing the multiple chuffs?
I tried that with swapping the ANL e-spec with another challenger e-spec on the download station as well as trying a 2-8-8-2 e-spec and oddly when I went to test it out the second I released the brakes the water went from 41% to 0 in seconds as well as the boiler pressure. So I ended up going into the ANL e-spec and messed around a bit.

Ends up the issue was all because the e-spec in the number-cylinders under the steam category said 4 instead of 2 which I know 4 is more accurate to real life but for some reason it was acting like 6-8 cylinders instead.