All Elevations Based to Zero


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For one route my base elevation went from 400 to zero. Lots of oddities with roads and tracks. Other routes had similar problems but adjusting elevations in a small area seemed to reset them On what I call my base route no such luck. I did a "quick" database repair but no change. While the elevation for track shows zero the only anomaly is that ground textures are on top of the track and roads.

I installed a CDP from two days ago but same bad results.

Elevations in the yard of Kickstarter are a _2.54

I presently believe it was a hardware failure, but not temperature related.
It acts like there is a malformed instruction or value.

Power cycling - no change. CDP load no change. Nothing else appears to be impacted. Temperatures normal, with an average of 73C peaking at 96C.

Reloaded the route I was working on and ran a three engine scenario with 2 passenger and one freight. The freight was fed and relieved via a long portal that worked as it should. The only pending issue is that my base track elevation is now zero where it used to be 400.

My primary concern is that this is a forerunner to a complete PC failure.
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sounds to me your having a Hard Drive or SSD Failure more than a complete failure of your PC.. How old are the parts in the PC your using.. Age of the parts is a big factor never mix old with new PC parts as that can lead to issues down the road including Hard Drives or SSD's!
Hmm, depending on the specific timing of your computer events taking place, which I do not know, wonder what the probability is of charged particles from these events affecting electrons in the computer workings?

Sun activity November 7, 2023: What a week for auroras. More coming?​

After the beautiful auroral displays of Sunday night, last night was calmer. But Earth’s magnetic field remains stormy. Another threshold for yet more G1 (minor) geomagnetic storming was observed at 2:30 UTC this morning. This big week for auroras has been the result of several coronal mass ejections (CMEs) – great blobs of material from the sun – striking Earth on November 5. The CMEs combined with incoming fast solar wind from a coronal hole to add up to auroras!

Plus, since giant ejections from the sun can sometimes send huge waves of particles towards Earth, what's called space weather, an unnerving prospect looms: we could see much more disruption to computers than we're used to during a massive geomagnetic storm in the future.

Moe's frightening experience with her pacemaker happened in 2016. Once she was discharged from hospital, she received a detailed report from her pacemaker's manufacturer about what had happened. "That's where I learned about the bit flips," recalls Moe, who is now a senior consultant at cyber-security firm Mandiant.

Inside the pacemaker's computer memory, data is stored in the form of bits – often referred to as "ones and zeroes". But the report explained that some of these bits had reversed, or flipped, altering the data and causing a software error. Think of it like pressing the wrong end of the rocker in a long row of light switches. A part of the room will stay dark.
It is a mystery that offers no obvious reason for the failure.
My memory is oneTB SSD.

The solar event is as possible as any other. To add to that I have a dual band (40m/20-m) dipole in the attic with unterminated coax near the PC. I'll put a 50ohm termination on that.

If no other events happen then my route will be at 000 base elevation. It still works (tested) but at "sea level" Luckily physical sea level is now in negative numbers so everything looks good (some track elevations slightly off) and it works.

Time for water cooling and a solid steel shielded case, just like my old Univac-I.
It had long rows of toggle switches on the console for manually setting up instructions to the beast. I was like a pianist when manually operating the system.
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It had long rows of toggle switches on the console for manually setting up instructions to the beast. I was like a pianist when manually operating the system.
That would have been a thing to see.
Funny how satisfying, even fulfilling, it is to work switches like those.