Akron, Canton & Youngstown Railroad, Anyone?


Hey all - anyone out there interested in the AC&Y? I was thinking about starting a model railroad in TS12, to depict a modern day what-if version of the ACY.

I came up with this idea for a paint scheme for the locos:

The theory behind the model railroad(z) would be that the AC&Y, which remained a separate company even after the N&W "merger", was spun-off by N&W/NS when the NW-SOU merger happened (the formation of NS is when the AC&Y officially ceased to exist). I have ideas about how the railroad would service as a regional, acquiring more track, etc...but I'd model the AC&Y's original trackage (today owned and operated by W&LE) between Brittain (Akron) and Carey.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has interest in this railroad, or has ever tried to modernize it themselves. The AC&Y had a fleet of FM diesels, and the paint scheme doesn't translate the best to modern EMDs. A literal translation looks quite boring, so I thought this would give the ACY feel, but keep it a bit more interesting. Feel free to post your thoughts!
My dad pretty much grew up right across the street from AC&Y tracks, so I'm a pretty big fan! This sounds like a pretty cool idea, and the AC&Y isn't so big of a project that it's unrealistic. In my opinion, doing the AC&Y as it was in the late 40's would be a bit more interesting, although a modern take would be pretty interesting too.

Good luck!
I'm going to have to work on my photoshop skills if I want some modern ACY equipment though! I've tried reskinning in the past, but didn't do so hot. It takes time to perfect the skills!
I did a bit more thought on the paint scheme. Considering the AC&Y would have been divested from N&W/NS in early 1982, there was no need for reflective side striping, so we'd expect to see something like this:

Then moving to what's in the first post, in the 1990s:

If the railroad got tired of the silver trucks being dirty, maybe they'd go to an all-black underframe:

Finally, if the AC&Y picked up NYS&W's SD70Ms, a simple patch job would work since they're already wearing close to appropriate colors:

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Beautiful Mike Steve. Looks great. Has a bit of new 4960 in it.

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A few pics of my re-created Brittain Yard. It's mostly prototypical, but with a few embellishments. Time to start on scenery now.