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Hi all,

I have a problem with the AI on heavily-loaded routes, using in this case Andi06's stations. The consists in question are trams, and when the approach a station they will pause, then continue as though they'de been set to autodrive. The command remains as "drive to", rather than moving on. I've used the schedule library and the copy from commands.

Obviously, when this happens in the middle of a high density session this causes problems, especially with the single line working because you then have a tram moving without the token, and another with the token will sometimes approach from the opposite direction, causing a deadly embrace that is a pain to correct, and possibly leaves a number of trams stranded at one terminus.

Is there anything that would be useful to help solve this I've missed out? A screenshot can be provided, but I don't think it shows anything. This appears to only happen with one of the stops, but it doesn't happen with every tram, meaning that I can't see a pattern.

I’m having similar problems here as well, providing the track is fully signalled reducing the approach speed, adding the command wait for and ensuring the exit point switch is set against your consist in surveyor could solve your problem
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I know I'm stating the obvious but are the Ai's driving to a track mark you've put in or is it a built in point, if so move up the platform/halt to a better point then add wait(as above) or wait for command (with trigger) if you have trams arriving from opposite direction.
Here are some screens, to see if it clarifies what I mean:

In this example, the tram that is already in the station missed the stop, so I edited the AI instructions to get rid of it when the next arrived.

The second tram arrives and moves to a trackmark on the loop itself and releases the token for the section

Then the first tram collects the token and moves away (except in this example it hasn't moved yet - the AI sometimes takes a little while to sort out the pointwork), whilst the second tram moves onto the spur to a trackmark. It waits for five seconds, the reverse tram command is excecuted, then it waits for a further five seconds.

Finally, the second tram moves into the station itself, and loads. You can see here that a third tram has arrived already.

The whole system is protected by a number of invisible signals, and there are junction levers there (the arrows are hidden). Just out of shot is a level crossing, but this should have no effect on the station's operation as far as I can see. The system uses a live station, rather than just purely trackmarks.
You mention level crossings. If mocrossings, trackmarks, signals, junctions etc (but especially crossings) overlap with the stations' trigger zones you can sometimes get this sort of problem as a result.
Missing stations

Hi bidmod,

I had a similar problem on a route I am building. I have a mocrossing next to the station and some of the trains would go right through the station without stopping, therefore ending up out of control. My solution as below

The invisible junction is set to default to the right (dead end) therefore the signal before the junction stays red untill the train stops, loads and is looking for the next destination. When the AI is looking for it's next destination the invisible junction changes, the signal clears the train through and the crossing gates open for the train. This has the additional advantage of allowing the road traffic to continue untill the train is ready to go.

Hope this helps,
Cheers, Bill69
I've rebuilt the loop and the initial results seem positive - thanks all. I'll do some more thorough testing tomorrow though (I should have done it today, but the lure of the snooker club took me away).

I had this problem with Westhaven Trams. I tried Andi's solution, but it seemed to happen at stops where there wasn't a crossing near as well. In the end I just ran a less intensive service, and it seemed to behave...