Adding Session Instructions

I'm creating a session for my Granddaughter and I want to add instructions like the fancy Sessions that come with most routes.

The problem is that I don't know how and doing a Google search, I found this:

but, under " Adding Instructions " all I see is the notation " TBD ".

Can someone point me to specific instructions on how to add instructions to a Session?


Wild Willy the Wacko
You'll want to use the message popup rule, as they can let you type in anything you want without having to create an HTML asset (versions TS12 pre-SP1 and earlier required an HTML asset) and clicking on the check mark.



To see it in action, here is the link to N3V's session creation tutorial

Suggest invoke the Message Popup rule in conjunction with the Trigger Check Rule in your session (as child objects) to provide location-specific session instructions.

In Session Edit mode, insert Triggers at the appropriate locations on the track along your route and name them descriptively. Add message pop-ups associated with each trigger.
As designated locomotives encounter each Trigger, the dependent script or schedule is called or run.
A good way to learn how to make a session is go into edit session and look how others have done it.