adding ground or baseboards


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Is it me being stupid or am I missing something obvious
I am trying to add more baseboards to an existing route in Tane. 78667
In 2010 the re was a little box to click to add such, which worked fine
Can't find it here.
The Tane pdf says -
"Navigate to the edge of a baseboard and select the "Add Ground tool" -showing a X in a little box
I can't find this anywhere on the topology menu or any other menu for that matter
Any help much appreciated
Look harder...... it's in the same place as any other version of Trainz, bottom left icon in topology.

hover the mouse over the button and it says Add/Update ground "X"
In the Topology flyout, select Adding section and then click your mouse beyond the edge of an existing baseboard. A new one will be added there.
TANE 80345 adding baseboards.JPG
As simple as that.