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My made up SOO line ghost train (Happy summer!)

So you all probably know about the SOO Line #6046, Well... in the 2000-early 2001 it was pulling a long freight train along the line when the points broke and the train went too fast into a siding where a bridge under construction was, the engineer put on the emergency brake but it was too late... The train rolled on its side and derailed into a river where the engineer was crushed and one of the workers on the bridge was cut in half. Later the train got taken out and restored but the freight cars remained, the siding was blocked off forever by the construction workers... people say that they saw the ghost of this train haunting that siding even if its restored and running besides it... the ghost of #6064 before restoration will haunt #6064 forever

Hope you liked it :cool:
Nah ... Too gory

The points broke ... and then the train went into the siding too fast ... lol ... quite allot in the chain of events went wrong there ... sounds like in "Emperor of The North" where the hobos picked the switch lock and sent the train into the siding







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