A water cooling question?


92 year oldTrainz veteran
There seems to be a wide range of water/liquid cooling systems available at a wide range of prices. What would the consensus be to recommend one for me. I have an Antec tower case and my CPU is an AMD Black FX 8320. Being an old duffer, having liquids inside the case would appear to be to be somewhat hazardous. Please comment.

In the past to achieve water cooling one had to build a full closed loop made up of several components including tubing, fittings, blocks, radiators etc. This is still the preferred option of the enthusiast, however much more cost effective, ease of use solutions exist in the for of all in one liquid cooling solutions.

A classic AIO of choice is the Corsair H100, a 240mm radiator attached to a CPU block/pump unit in one simple solution that is intended to be both cost effective and easy to install. May other options from other manufacturers also exist such as the likes of Antec, Coolermaster, Enermax and so on.

If space is an issue then 120mm radiator units are also available, this will depend on the radiator mounting options of your case. :)

Thanks for the reply. I have just bought a Corsair H55 for my 120mm fans. Looks simple enough to install. Bet my back will kill me after I wrestle my PC around. All for the love of the game (hobby). I didn't realise that they came as a complete sealed entity.