A small question.

Now I have hit a block when I have to overlay the image with TIGER data the option is not present in the newest version of Microdem. Where can I find the option to do this now? Also as to Transdem I don't have the kind of budget to buy it right now though I feel it would probably be superior.
Does anybody have a solution to the the error that pops up when when I try to create a file? http://i.imgur.com/Ira6WSd.png

Sorry about the fact this turned into a chain of questions.

Edit: Scratch that I got rid of that error but now a new one pops up. Saying the size doesn't match the size of the elevation data.

Edit: Never mind I fixed everything. Thanks for the Help Clam1952. :)
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One more question since the tutorial is out of date where is the new Route that I have created located so I can replace it?

Edit: I replaced it and there is nothing when I choose to edit the route, no baseboards no anything.
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OK gather you sorted the compressed issue, an annoying problem most graphics programs have is they are set to compress TGA's Irfanview being one that does.
Actually I think it's in that version there is actually a TGA save option in Microdem need to scroll down as its at the bottom if I remember correctly.

The output from Hog needs to be named mapfile.gnd not as in the tutorial, TS2009 upwards won't accept any other name.

The other major change from the tutorial is the height conversion from Feet to Metres, if you hadn't noticed its already in metres.
Oh I think I messed up there and had converted meters to something else entirely because I wasn't paying attention.
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So the more important problem is that the terrain is all messed up and secondly there is a lack of Tiger data on the map. http://i.imgur.com/iQexj2x.png For example this should be the area where the Ohio River Meets the Little Kanawha. Which in reality looks like this in real life where there should be a defined point where the rivers are but there is no ditch for the rivers. http://www.historyinsidepictures.com/siteimages/PP5.jpeg

Edit: So I fixed the terrain issues but I still can't figure out how to get the tiger data onto the map.
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