A session for the BR 9F steam locomotive


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I have just uploaded a session that uses the BR 9F steam locomotive on the Riverside Railroad.

You might like to consider the session if:
a) You like this locomotive; and
b) You would like to try the challenge of driving this locomotive in Cab Mode over a reasonable distance.

The session will take about 2h30 to complete.

All the items of rolling stock needed by the session will be downloaded from the Download Station when the session is installed. However, make sure that all the dependencies needed by the double chimney 9F locomotive are installed, including all the dependencies needed by the cab and the skin for the loco crew, kuid 44090:57003, that Download Helper or CMP might not capture.

Charlie and Eddie, Control here.
Water and coal your 9F, then couple onto the bolsters next to Conoco.
Load the bolsters with coil at Hymill-Write and proceed to Lys.
On the approach to Lys unload and leave the bolsters at the overhead crane at Fingers Foundry.
On the lower level at Lys fill the hoppers with coal at the gantry and return with the hoppers to Diaspar. Unload four of the hoppers at Alan's Multifunctional and leave all the hoppers in the northern Transfer Yard.
Return to loco and sign off.
You must always give way to mainline trainz.
You are authorised to travel at up to 50mph except in yard areas where normal limits apply.
You are authorised to stop when necessary for locomotive purposes.

For those unfamiliar with driving a steam locomotive in Cab Mode detailed instructions can be found in the readme in the folder containing the session and here:


Note that the coal and water capacity of the tender have be modified; one of the challenges in this session is to arrive at the destinations with water remaining in the tender. Be aware that causing the safety valves to pop, which occurs at 250psi, will waste a lot of water from the boiler. Some driving and firing skills are required for this session.

Another challenge is the AI trainz that you will encounter on the return journey as you try to maintain a reasonable average speed.

Maps are also included in the folder containing the session.



Leaving Diaspar with the loaded bolsters in tow:


The return trip with almost 600 tons of coal:


I normally eschew the Pommie stuff but seeing as I've got the 9F I might give this a go. The settings on the reverser mean it is possible to drive this lady with the HUD extinguished. Cab mode forever! :hehe:


That's great.

But, 600 tons? I've had her towing nearly 8000 tons of coal. Mind you, she could only do about 4 mph, but nevertheless...
Hi sirrliv --

Riverside is just a short line company, so trainz are correspondingly shorter.

And to do some sums, the session takes about 2h30.

About maybe 30 to even 60 minutes of this is assembling and loading the trains, preparing and watering the locomotive, and all the sundry other little things like waiting at signals for the opposing AI trainz movements.

So actual mainline travel time is perhaps 1h30. Most of this can be run at between 40 and 50mph.

Now reduce the speed by a factor of 10 to 4mph, and the time should increase by a factor of 10. Hmmm - seems a long time to me?
OK - was it too easy?

Too tough?

Even too boring?

Should I change to water capacity of the tender next time?
Personally I found it nice and easy, but then again I do know how to get the best out of the loco ;). I would say tonnage of around 800-1000tons would be more of a challenge. Speaking about tender capacity, If the maximum capacity is changed then it will render the tender water gauge useless as this gauge actually works in game. This gauge is not the one in the right click options but the one visible behind the drivers seat on the tender models themselves.

Hi Phil

Just been playing the session and it's all working very well. Just loaded my bolsters and am about to head off. My only suggestion would be to name some of the industries so they are easier to find in map view (OK, maybe I'm just doing a boy look, but it took me a while to find the steel joint!).

Thanks for a great session.