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I am fairly new to Trainz 2009. I was playing the industrial wasteland intro I delivered the coal to the power plant and the waybills show wood pulp and diesel fuel are needed at different places now the question is where do I get the cars to deliver the other stuff on the waybills?

Because of the difference in density between coal and woodchips, and the fact that loading woodchips into a car immediately after it had contained coal would contaminate the woodchips, coal and woodchips would not be delivered in the same car in real life. But things are somewhat different in Trainz, and not all real world conditions are applied. So you might try to load woodchips into the coal cars.

As to diesel fuel, if there happen to be tank cars in the session when you downloaded the route, you could use those. Otherwise, check the built-in items with your game, and you should be able to find one or more tank cars that will work in your route to handle the diesel fuel. And if the coal cars won't load wood chips, you might try the same technique to find suitable built in cars. If you are not able to find one or the other, then you may have to take recourse to the Download station.

For woodchips, look for the CB Woodchip Wagon
For fuel and oil look for the GATX oil tanker.
For containers and lumber use the NSWGR NQO flatcar.
For goods use any boxcar

If you haven't already done so then while in Surveyor, go into the options in the main menu
Select Surveyor options and down the bottom of the list untick the choice "User only Favorites."
This will then show all items in the trains window.
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Spector, I am sorry for my rude reply, I just wasn't thinking well when I typed it and to me your post was kind of hard to read.

Once, I brought some cars to the coal dump, unloaded them, went back to a grain elevator, and filled them with grain. :hehe: