I need a few aloha girls for my tropical island route.


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Pretty slim tan smiling grass skirts to greet guests with flower necklaces stepping off the train at the holiday resort. Or should they greet the guests stepping off the airplane? Perhaps, some parrots, a tiki room, surfers, surf boards and some other tropical theme stuff. I will use the coconut palm assets to plant a coconut grove, no little monkeys though.

My Trainz trains serve pretended "jet fuel" to passengers. Island punch packed with rum. My tropical island Trainz layout now in the making is inpired by a trip I took in 1990 to the West Indies with my mother and a lady friend of hers. Spring 1990 in Jamaica. We were riding a train from Montego Bay to Kingston. A narrow-gauge diesel electric. A fun ride while it lasted. They served the most delicious ice-cold punch on board and we were all getting punchy real fast. Anyway, some well-tanned natives decided to put junk on the train track to hold the train up. The train had stopped not long before for us to explore a trackside cave. But I digress. The cops in plain clothes, suits and felt hats came along with shotguns in hand. Suits and felt hats in the tropics?? There was local trouble protesting us "Yankee tourists". We finally had to get bussed back to Montego Bay on a long 5-hour bus ride. Not comfortable like American Greyhounds at all.
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How about this one (making no assumptions or judgements).