Good paper mill/pulp mill assets


Hello, y'all. Sometime this week, i plan to get started on another Basemapz route module, and this one is based on the Jesup, Georgia area.

I'm pretty excited, but also nervous...mostly because this route will include the huge Rayonier plant at Doctortown, and it'll be my first ever attempt at trying to assemble such a facility. At this time, i have no experience with modelling in Blender...which is fine, i'll just use assets that are available. But before i get started with building the route, i'd like to know some good recommendations for processing buildings, industrial buildings, or similar assets that can be used to assemble a paper mill/pulp mill/cellulose specialties plant/wood pulp processing facility/whatever the heck it's called.

Quick disclaimer that i do have 113,000 assets on my install of Trainz 2019, so whatever is suggested, i probably already have...but i don't really want to take the time to look through that many assets to see which ones would work and which ones wouldn't. So any recommendations would be appreciated.

There are way too many assets to name any in particular. You will need tanks, mill buildings, warehouses, and the usual array of pipes. If you want some specific authors, Dave Snow did make some papermill assets, they're okay but they're too clean for my taste. The built-in sugar mill assets are good for the warehouses and mill buildings. Pick, choose, mix and match to achieve what you want for effect.

At one time, Maine and New Hampshire, and even northern Massachusetts on the NH border made paper. Today, much of the operation is gone and the mill have been leveled. I remember seeing these operations in full swing and hiring thousands of employees. The amount of railroad sidings, and branches within the mills was an amazing sight to see. Today, the industry has shrunk substantially like many others and offshored.
The best!

Long while back I made a stripped down version of Aurans pulp mill. Hydes Pulp Mill Basic I think is the name... it's just track attachments and a platform where boxes of goods appear, and a pile that grows as you drop off wood chips and shinks as it uses them to make "goods" which are crates.

If you want to get more granular without the visual of accumulating chips and crates, use a generic industry track and configure it accordingly.

In either case you then just roll your own scene, Google is your friend here, have a look at both IRL examples and model kits to get an idea of what it should look like.
If you want some specific authors, Dave Snow did make some papermill assets, they're okay but they're too clean for my taste.

I'll betcha he'd let you weather them!

On the other hand, JointedRail made a bunch of mill assets for LoBN 1 and 2. If you're gonna get those, download LoBN 1's dependency packs.