A Question About Content Creator


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I don't a whole lot about the tech side of computers, but I do like to think of ways to make things work better, so I thought I would throw this out to all the tech people out there.

Mind you it's just a thought. :)

It seems the problems we are dealing with the most is having to upgrade everything when a new game comes out, and so many assets, and config files have to be changed to carry on with big routes.

It appears that every software has it's own content creator built-in giving it a build number (2.9, 3.7, etc)

So here goes....what if we built a DLS, and Content Creator separate from the software, where you would sign into it, like we do the forum, then click what build you want to use, and start creating in that build number, or when you go to the DLS you can click on a menu for what software you are using and pull up just the useable assets for that software.

It seems it would be easier to change builds for later software, then store them in their own DLS area. This way we don't see multiple assets showing up on one DLS page, for something being upgraded, or downloading an upgrade to find out its missing assets.

It just a thought guys, maybe it will trigger some more ideas in someone else, this is how things get discovered, so I thought I would at least take my turn at trying to help. :)

**Besides, I have worn JCitron's ears out so much now, it a wonder he doesn't hear constant ringing in them. :D
Already exists in the form of AssetX which is good up to TS12 it adds an entry to the open with dialogue in CM. OK for some things in newer version but it no longer integrates with TANE upwards https://trainz.shaneturner.co.uk/tutorials/index.php/home/utilities/pevsoft-trainz-tools Unfortunately due to andi06 who did a lot of the coding passing away a few years ago, it's no longer being updated, fine for TS12 though! It can fix most of the errors in TS12 other than splines.

An N3V produced program to assist with content creation, mainly aimed a newer versions https://contentcreation.trainzsimulator.com/trainz-content-utilities-1-0-2/