a little portal help please


Narrow minded Tram Person
has anyone got a idea why when I HAVE portal basic set to return train: option loaded unload wagon all others load wagon and the wooden coal wagons from Trainzonline.NL still come back loaded from portal, yes they are not fixed loads?

also never got the Load industry trigger to work that was already on the Suljema line always had to have pre-loaded wagons to run down the line.

TRS19 117009

Thanks in advance


Does the command work outside of the portals?

There may be a compatibility issue with the new Unified Driver Surveyor interface. This affects other commands as well.
Try using the Schedule Library.

Setup a schedule so that these commands exist there instead of in the portal directly. Insert this as the schedule for the driver and then tack on anything else afterwards or put the complete schedule in that schedule library you assign to the driver via the Copy Commands From... Insert... Schedule. (Never use other options such as append or from driver. They never worked properly, and weird things happen with the schedules and drivers that leads to utter confusion and frustration for us.)