A little "GIFfy" gift before we all leave


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You may need to wait a minute for the GIF to fully load and run smooth.
And so you can read the text easier:


I know, I didn't do much work-this all took less than a half of an hour (probably like 10 or fifteen minutes-maybe less-counting waiting for Photoshop and Flash), but I'd say it still looks pretty cool.

By the way, when I say gift I don't mean I want you copying these, so what I mean to say is please don't copy them actually. HehHeh, thanks.

PS. If you haaaaave to have these (I don't expect this, but you never know), feel free to email me. Please use amtraktyard@gmail.com though.

Cya all in a little bit, Tyard
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I believe I speak for a lot of us, we will be looking forward to some future animated content and scripts from you !
I really like the simplicity of your work on "this little cheer bringer" .

Happy Holidays to you and Trainzers and families !

Now get back to the drawing board ---DLR :)
If you don't mind my asking what programs were used to make that? I can make the graphics but i can't make GIFs that move like that. How did you do it? Nice job by the way.
I use Fireworks to make gifs... it works quite nicely (actually Fireworks works really great in the web world, mainly because it was designed for the WWW.)

Well, I suppose i should probably be using FW (i have it too) for the things. I only used Photoshop for the loco and car, and your right, i should use FW insstead. Flash was made for the web a lot too though.
I'm impressed with the principle, but unfortunately my colour sight is less than perfect :confused: perhaps some nice person can tell me what the writing says? :eek:

For the record, to make my sig I used Photoshop, but I think mine may have been a little simpler to put together. :wave:

Regards and thanks,