A little Fictional Route


Trains & Ponies!
Hey guys, kinda got bored while playing around in T:ANE CE and I thought I should make a little fictional route. I may release it to the Download Station once it's done. Here's a short-ish video of the layout

My first-ish layout gonna keep it small. It's a small miniature train set like route. I finish the main track and terrain and show case it then I take a spin on the steepest grade on the line in a Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-4 Berkshire Type Locomotive Kanawha with 2 helper SD60 Santa Fe locomotives. There is limited info about this route and cannot be revealed at this time. I will accept suggestions for names of the route, just post your suggestion below.:p

My plan is to make 2 versions of this route. One version that used BUILT IN and ONLY built in content so I can release it to the download station. In the near future I will make a version that uses both built in and freeware content and possibly either keep it to myself or maybe I may release it in other means other than the Download Station.
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