A Few Of Mine


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Here are so shots of a route I've worked on almost two years.Hope you like :)



That is a really ******* Awesome ROUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT I WANT IT! lol (if it isn't done yet take your time lol) Will it ever be released? :udrool::udrool::udrool::udrool::mop::mop::mop:
Gandalf0444,skiingiggy and ish6

I'm glad you guys liked them.I have a little more work I want to put into it,just a bit of tweaking.It is a rather large route and I'm not sure if I'm already over the limit.:eek:
Hi Nubian1234, Extremely impressive, love the lightning strike in your last shot, take your time to finish your route, it'll be worth waiting for going by these screenies. Please may I ask if this is a TRS 04 or 06 route ??

Cheers. ex-railwayman.
Hi Michael, I see you are enjoying your retirement by creating such a wonderful route, good luck with it.

Cheers. ex-railwayman.