A Big Thank You


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Hello All
In todays fast world there seems to be two words forgotten. Thank You. Even I have forgotten to say it a few times. Sorry all. In this post I'd like to say thank you to the Trainz Community. Thank you to those who take their time have made wonderful content. Thank you to all the GMAX creators. Thank You to the reskinners and route builders. Thank You to those who take wonderful screenshots. And most of all, thank you to the Trainz community for their help. I'd be lost without the help some of you have given me.

Thank You (again)
Thank you Alberte for thanking Michael.
(I guess you really can't have enough thanks, so I do agree with Mr. Evans post.)
Hi Michael,

I would like to add my voice and endorsement too your thread.

The Kindness and generousity that exists on this forum is quite extra ordinary. I would go so far too say that the members here have grounds too be tremendously proud of what has been built up in this community.

I know, inspite of the occasional "Hiccup", (This happens, from time to time, in the best family's and amongst the best of friends.) that I am tremendously proud to be amongst everyone here.

Thankyou one and all,

Alex ... aka ... Alex23
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I've found that I really enjoy coming here as it is really a very welcoming environment. The number of people who are helpful (Or do their best to be helpful) is actually rather inspiring. Yes, we have our differences, but in a way this just makes our community stronger... This place also teaches us to be truly understanding of different cultures, or nationalities, or anything like that. I know this has helped me a number of times in real life, and for that I thank the Trainz community. :)

Thanks guys, and I hope to see you all here for many years to come :)