A Big "Thank You!"


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Just wanted to say thanks to all the folks out at CSX and BNSF for sponsoring this years National FFA Convention! For those who may not know, CSX had a booth set up at the Convention explaining how they contribute to the Agricultural branch of America, and what it can do for those future farmers. (I'm not sure how BNSF contributed because I didn't see a booth there for them, but they're logo was in the "donations" part of the pamphlet.)
CSX was the first listed under the "Platinum" section of the pamphlet, for contributing $1,000,000+, and BNSF was listed under the "5 Star" category (which means they contributed somewhere between $100,000-$249,999).
Thanks to all of you out there who belong to those companies, and your dedication to them, (and FFA)! :wave: