80s Train video game rereleased


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I noticed on my usual game platform, GOG so I also guess Steam, an old game from 1987 is available that is train related named The Train: Escape to Normandy.

1944, WWII setting, Germans plan to take a war train of plundered French Art to Berlin. You are in the French Resistance, your goals are:
- Capture the train at Metz.
- Drive the train along a route to Riviere, Normandy.
- Fight enemies along the way.

I do not own it but posting for anyone interested. Based on screenshots and video I saw, that appear to be times you do things to drive the Steam Engine (Water, Temperature, etc.) along with shoot enemies at stops, shoot planes from the moving train and something about shooting boats but cannot tell if from train or stop. You also appear to have several different choices of routes to take from Metz to Riviere.