3rd Party Missing Payware Assets


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Hey guys,

I know that there is a British Railways Standard Class 7 Britannia Locomotive that was on Trainz Classics UK, which was in
the Settle and Carlisle route. Since they are available on the Trainz Classics UK website, I tried to download them before, but there are unknown assets from paulhobbs, which I assume are from his website. If I want this to work, I think I might need to buy his Standard Class 7, but I don't want to. Is there a way to get these without paying for them? Or do I just need to get the route?

All things together, I opted to buy the route. I do think it is outdated and should either be lowered in price or made one of the built-in routes. The thing is, you may be able to locate these assets this time, but over time, you will find that a WHOLE lot of UK routes use assets from S&C. so if you think you will be interested in downloading UK routes, even freeware, you will save yourself a lot of grief if you have S&C on board. I eventually bit the bullet and let the moths out of my wallet, and I have been much happier since doing so. Just my opinion, of course.
All the additional content on the website requires the installation of the S&C route to work. It was not intended to be complete freeware packages but add-ons for the route. While the route itself is a bit dated, between the route and all the add-ons available on the site you get hundreds of items of rolling stock, locomotives and scenery items for a small investment.