Were these ever actually made? I got some old model train magazines and there was an ad for one. Also, are there any for trainz?
The Little River Railroad in Townsend, Tennessee, owned a 2-4-4-2. Also, the Little River Railroad I'm talking about is not the one in Michigan. The one I'm talking about is the original Little River Railroad. The Little River Railroad was a logging railroad owned by the Little River Railroad & Lumber Company based out of Townsend, Tennessee, located next to the Little River. It hauled logs out of what would eventually become the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Near the end of the railroad's life, it started hauling tourists who wanted to see the beauty of the Smokies, but that didn't save the railroad. Little River Railroad's, and this time I mean the one in Michigan, 4-6-2 #110, the smallest 4-6-2 built in America, was owned by the original Little River Railroad and was designed for the sharp curves found on the railroad's route.

Here's a link to a section of a website I use that's dedicated to articulated locomotives with unusual wheel configurations, including the 2-4-4-2.
Link: http://www.steamlocomotive.com/articulated/

Also, here's the specs about the 2-4-4-2 I'm talking about.
Link: http://www.steamlocomotive.com/articulated/?page=lr
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Here in Australia the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR) had two 2-4-4-2T Double Fairlies on 3'6" gauge (classified the 'E' class). They operated on WA's first government rail line in the late 1870s. Naturally though, they weren't very successful, and the WAGR never used a loco of that wheel alignment again (although it wasn't the wheel alignment per se that was the E class's problem, but general mechanical issues with the Double Fairlie design).
Paulz Trainz USA has a 2-4-4-2 and I think its the Little River loco.

Gem (I think) made a beautiful HO scale model of it (many) years ago.

Paulz Trainz USA has a 2-4-4-2 and I think its the Little River loco.

Yes, but it's available for three foot narrow gauge. If you want it to use it on a different gauge, you have to ask to have it made to that gauge. However, a person from another payware site did express a lot of interest in making it once I did a whole lot more digging up more info about the prototype. Besides, their payware is much better, particularly in the quality category.
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Meow --

Yes, Paul has one up on his site.

There is also a 2-6-6-2 available (somewhere). Close but not exactly the same. Here (watch full screen and in HD):

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I actually watched this video before! I have the 2-6-6-2 in it! I tried for HOURS to get it working and couldn't, when I noticed the exact same one re-leased to work for TS12 right near it! There should be a facepalm emoticon! Anyway, logging engines are really interesting. So many weird wheel arrangements. On a completely unrelated note, are you thinking about making more sessions for HarborMaster TS12? I really enjoyed this route and session.
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I'll see if I can find those two locomotives on my HDD, check that they work in TS12 and put them in my public Dropbox folder.
Three narrow gauge steam locomotives

For those interested in narrow gauge steam locomotives, download this zip file:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/4m7u92b5cupestv/US Three Loco NG.zip?dl=0

The zip file contains a readme:

This zip file contains three narrow gauge locomotives:
2-6-6-2 Mallet
Uintah #51 2-6-6-2T
West Side Shay

The first two are by Ben Neal. The third by “Slugsmasher”, Rich Blake.

All I have done is make the locomotives work in TS12 + SP1 + Hot Fixes.
Please observe the original authors’ restrictions in the config.txt file.

In Content Manager the locomotives and dependencies will show with a yellow !
This indicates a warning. It is not a fatal error.

In the in-game rolling stock fly out the locomotives appear with the prefix “Loco”.

Make sure you drive from the section containing the cab.
I suggest using Cab / Advanced Mode.

I may update these locomotives to be error free in T:ANE.


Section containing the cab? I know that this is a stupid question, but will they be different pieces like the Beyer-Garratt you uploaded to the DLS?
Sorry for all the stupid questions, but where did you get the freight cars in that video?
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The Mallet comes in two sections. Drive from the second.

Rolling stock? Can't remember, but most likely here:


There is also, from memory, some good kit on the Download Station.

Try searching with "Slugsmasher" as the author. Include TRS2004 in the search parameters.
Model Railroader Magazine has a nice article on 2-4-4-2's including the Little River engine on pages 48 through 51 of the March, 1962 issue.