Good Afternoon All
As many of you know, we have been experiencing a large backlog of tickets for some time.

We currently have two staff members working on the helpdesk (myself and Aron Coert), and both of us are working as fast as possible to clear the backlog.

At this time, we currently have a backlog of approximately 3 months, with a little under 1200 tickets currently open (this is due to a number of reasons, however we are working to reduce this - and have been doing so very quickly). However this is being worked down relatively quickly, and hope to have the backlog mostly cleared in the next month or so.

We ask that all be patient whilst we work to clear this. To assist with this, please ensure that you are sending your ticket to the correct departments. Some departments are given a higher priority than others, due to the nature of the tickets for these departments. For example, if you are having trouble accessing a digital download order, or have an issue with your order, please send the ticket to the 'shop and orders' section.

We do apologise for the delays that have been experienced with the helpdesk, and thank you for your patience whilst we work to clear the backlog.