Good Day all,

Scott (BlackDiamond1964) is searching for information below:

I was searching the word “saw dust baler” and I think I’ve figured this planing mill out. According to the Sanborn map, the building is sectioned into three section. The main sawing and planing area, a middle shed section and a saw dust baler section.

There is some kind conveyor or pipe that takes the sawdust from the work area to the top of a collector that appears to be on top of the shed section which also seems to be lower then the other two sections. Another conveyor or pipe then takes the collected saw dust at the bottom of the collector and loads it into the baler room.

Now there is no indication from the picture that the saw dust was loaded on to the rail-cars by some mechanical means, but bails of sawdust can be manually loaded onto a train car. I believe that is what happened here.

So now that I’ve figured out the process, I need a reference of what this collector might look like. All references I found so far are new examples of the collecting & bailing process. I need to find a mid 20th century equivalent to this collector. Look around, ask around. See if anybody happens to know on the Trainz forums what one of these might look like.

Regarding above if there is anyone that could confirm how this Sawdust Baler works, and if possible a Picture of it.