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Thread: Using non-DLS assets in a private map

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    Default Using non-DLS assets in a private map

    Hi there!

    This is probably going to be a solid no, but if I want to create a route for use in multiplayer and use third party assets (i.e. assets from Jointed Rail or RR Mods' website that aren't on the DLS) for exclusive online use of just myself and one other person (who also has these assets), would that be possible, or would I need to remove the third party assets? I'm also thinking of a Light Rail line with the Frankfurt U-Bahn trams, not available on the Download Station. Trying to keep someone company who lives 1000 miles away and is getting back into Trainz.

    Many thanks in advance!


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    And you'll be correct - its a solid no
    Multiplayer items must all be from the game (AKA builtin) or from DLC's from Steam / N3V's stores or from the DLS so no 3rd party content can be used at all. Your multiplayer map and session can't have any 3rd party content and both map / session will need to be uploaded to the DLS for it to be accepted in the multiplayer environment.
    With the session don't forget to add the multiplayer rule else it won't work.

    Most of JR's assets are on the DLS (most of the freeware anyway) so if you do a author search you'll be able to bring up all of the content they uploaded.
    RRmods items I haevn't seen any on the DLS except a few textures so more likely RRmods content will need to be removed / replaced with DLS / DLC content.


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