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    Question Strange warning

    Hello everyone; a couple of times it happens to me that a window appears at the bottom left as in the image below, with some strange warnings: by chance it is a new script function that you have integrated? For heaven's sake, realism is fine, however, so when you travel sections with challenging climbs (such as the Donner pass, where the screen is shot) it is better to always travel at full power by delivering the maximum tractive effort.
    Is there any way to take it off?

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    Looks like you need to back out of the throttle!
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    This script is not new, it has been around for several years. Unfortunately, many session designers do not seem to account for it, and put just enough power on your trains to get over the hill in notch 7 or 8. About all you can do is try to keep the needle on the ammeter out of the red ...

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