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Thread: Does anybody know those kuids?

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    Default Does anybody know those kuids?

    I am missing <kuid:751103:10304> <kuid2:751103:10304:1> They are for the UZ Passcar kiev-lvov does anybody know what the kuids are?

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    Both are the same object but second is newer version.

    You have the newest version :3 here -> <kuid2:751103:10304:3> УЗ ПассВаг Киев-Львов 035 10872


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    Default Theres more.

    The missing ones are. <kuid:511045:100116> <kuid:656296:300045> <kuid:656296:300046> The interior is missing. I tried to download but it does missing dependencies. 3 unknown assets.

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