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Thread: SSD failure?

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    Default SSD failure?

    I went to launch TANE today after a week of not using it, and it would go through the initial process, the database thing or whatever it is called, then it would crash to desktop. This happened a few times so I restarted Windows and now the SSD in which TANE was installed doesn't show up. I'm not really sure what to do next but I do have a separate SSD for content. If the drive is bad can I reinstall TANE on a new one and then use the content on the other drive?

    These are the folders that exist:

    It appears that it's "there" it's just not showing any info on size.
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    Sorry to hear you are having issues. It sounds from your description that your computer has a drive with Windows on and another the SSD with T:ANE, if that is the case start by disconnecting the SSD and sort out the computer/Windows. Once that is resolved reconnect the SSD and review where you then are in respect of the SSD now functioning and so forth i.e. one step at a time. In respect of using the replacement SSD and reinstalling T:ANE, yes you can but hopefully it will not come to that. Peter

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    I would check the connections to the SSD and the motherboard first and hope that you find a loose one.

    SSDs can and do die just like that: all at once. So, it wouldn't surprise me if it is dead.

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    If you have space on the TANE drive, you could reinstall the game there, then repoint it to the Data folders. I have a separate Trainz drive, I have the game and data there together, with a data backup on another drive. In any event, wherever you reinstall to, just repoint it to the saved Data.
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