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Thread: BNSF Engines in Galveston Port Train Yard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forester1 View Post
    MSGSAPPER has made some spiked SAP tracks that are pretty close, and I am using them in a layout I am working on. They are DLS and there are versions for 2019 and for T:ANE and below.... No rolling tests yet so don't know if they have any unique sound from the usual.
    Yeah I've used his tracks. They're just tracks and don't have any sound that I could hear. They are similar to this in looks, with the difference here these tracks shown don't have the jelly-fish guts pushing the dirt down underneath them.
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    From reading the article, it almost sounds like the Port Authority is trying to take the property owned by BNSF, but rarely used, by emminent domain, citing "incomplete ownership records" ...
    ...BNSF's reply: Lets just load up the yard with BNSF equipment, so they (PO) can't just start bulldozing and "steal" the land, and/or show proof to the Courts that it is used and needed.
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