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Thread: How to manually control ATLS crossing setup.

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    Question How to manually control ATLS crossing setup.

    I am working on a route that includes a railroad crossing in the middle of a switching yard (Sanford FL auto train terminal to be precise) but I have ran into issues with the setup of the ATLS triggers. Because of the switching moves that are performed the crossing triggers get confused due to not being able to completely clear the crossing. So I am now thinking "Is they a way to get the crossing set up to work MANUALLY" Could anyone give me some good methods on how this can be done?

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    I dont know if these might help, but here are some driver commands that might help to take control over the crossing. I haven't these myself, so I won't be much of any help
    If interested, here they are:

    <kuid:76656:80001> ATLS 2 TRIG SYSTEM
    <kuid2:76656:80001:1> ATLS 2 TRIG SYSTEM Tane2/3 & TRS19
    <kuid:76656:80002> ATLS 4 TRIG SYSTEM
    <kuid2:76656:80002:1> ATLS 4 TRIG SYSTEM Tane2/3 & TRS19
    <kuid:76656:80003> ATLS ARRIVING Method
    <kuid2:76656:80003:1> ATLS ARRIVING Method. Tane2/3 & TRS19
    <kuid:76656:80004> ATLS LEAVING Method
    <kuid2:76656:80004:1> ATLS LEAVING Method Tane2/3 & TRS19
    <kuid2:76656:80000:1> ATLS Re-Set Command Tane2/3 & TRS19
    <kuid:76656:80000> ATLS Re-Set Command TS12 & Tane 1-3
    <kuid2:190624:500001:3> Level Crossing Trigger Command (ATLS)
    <kuid2:190624:500001:2> ATLS Trigger Crossing
    <kuid2:190624:500001:1> ATLS Trigger Crossing
    <kuid2:190624:500002:1> Level Crossing Trigger Command TRS04 (ATLS)


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    Thanks I will experiment with them and see what the best approach will be.

    my YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0kO-ivUrfsjC3Ho1PMo5Pw

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    Lightbulb Find-where-to-Place-ATLS-Crossing-Triggers&highlight=ATLS

    This is a little dated thread link below, but I think it has some valuable Math, Distance and Time variables that might be of use to you specific to ATLS placement issues you are experiencing.


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    You could consider trying the "My Level Crossings - 3a" rule available on the DLS. That rule is fully compatible with ATLS crossings and slaves and works well with switching yards. You can even use it alongside ATLS in the same route.

    I patched the rule to simplify its use and transitioning from ATLS but I can't upload the modified version without permission.

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    Don't use triggers but use the ATLS driver commands. I did this in the ATLS advanced demo.

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