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Thread: I want to save my route before formatting

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    Default I want to save my route before formatting

    Hi All
    I have been working feverishly on my first route and I need to do a clean install of my operating system. Its time to do it. I need to understand how to save my route so I can import it back into Trainz just as I left it before the formatting.
    I have researched many articles on how to do this but I don't get it. One person said to drop my route into a pick list in Content Manager, then list the dependencies, select all and then export to CDP. It's a way to package everything up so the importing goes smoothly. If there was a way to package all up with one click that would be great.

    I need more clarification.
    Thanks in advance​

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    If you really want to ensure your content is safe and you have all of the 3rd party content, I would suggest backing up your content this way: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...?id=1416725282 .I done this several times, and from my experience, its the best way to backup and restore.

    If you prefer, you can save everything .cdp files by right clicking and export as cdp


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    Quote Originally Posted by rossd58 View Post
    I have researched many articles on how to do this but I don't get it.​
    Do you want to save the route, or the route's dependencies?

    I would recommend saving the route on its own. Just select the route in Content Manager and export to CDP. The CDP file name will default to the route name.

    If you save the dependencies as well that may simplify things when you come to re-install the route, depending on what the dependencies are. You should not save built-in or payware dependencies, as they will be available as soon as you install Trainz and your DLC, and should not be re-installed when you install the route.

    To create a CDP for the dependencies, select the route in Content Manager and List Dependencies Recursively. Add a filter to exclude payware and built-in, select all and then Export to CDP. Provide a name for the CDP file because the default won't mean anything.

    If you really want to save everything to a single CDP file then create the filtered list of dependencies as described above, select all, view the items in a new list, and manually add the KUID of the route to the 'Asset KUID' list at the top on the CM asset list. Then select all and Export to CDP. Provide a meaningful name for the CDP file.

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    The alternative is to save your complete T:ANE user data folder to your backup drive.

    When you install again, you simply point your install location to that folder again after you've copied to your system again.

    It's a good idea to backup your data any way just in case there's a system problem such as a hard drive failure so you don't lose anything.
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    Be careful, there is a size limit for cdps make it too big and you will not be able to install it.

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    Thank you all for your suggestions .. I will be trying your ideas today. The line is shut down today due to freezing rain. I will report back here when i have it figured out.

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